Board & Committee


Thank you to our Board of Directors and Advisory Committee. We appreciate all that you have done and continue to do in order to support this project.


All proceeds support the Daniel Island PAC


Board of Directors

Ed Jones (Chairman)
Cornichon Healthcare Select

Stephen Russell (Vice-Chairman)
Local Architect

Nella Gray Barkley
Crystal-Barkley Corporation

David Ginn
Charleston Regional Development Alliance

Terry Haas
Riverlanding Realty

Joe Hinske
Legare + Bailey + Hinske

Mason Holland

Scott Holtkamp
Blind Acre Media

Laurie Hubbs
Life Coaching and Consultation

Advisory Committee

Bill McArdle
Emily Desrosier
Bob and Carol Wood
Heidi Neven
Jan Studin
Joannah Sampson
Alexis Phillips
John Edwards
Jon Thornton
Steve and Kathy Rucker
Laurie Hubbs
Ruthie Hille
Mary Wessner
Steve Slifer
Pete Harper
Robin Fisher
Sarah Sands
Terry Haas
Dottie Mandeville-Ray
Charles and Pat Maraziti
Beth Bush
Elizabeth Anderson
Ellie Kucharuk


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